Level of play:
I want to stress that this will be mainly a BEGINNER to LOW level of CO-ED play with a few exceptions (ahem, Julian). I have played hockey with most of you at some point but if you're going to bring other people read below:

  1. if you feel you are NHL-ready or NHL-caliber, do not show up please.
  2. if you plan on skating from one end to the other most plays and view all skaters simply as pylons, do not show up please.
  3. if you can skate backwards faster and better than most people skating forward it's probably a sign you are way more advanced than everyone - please do not show up.
  4. if you have anger problems, take LONG LONG shifts, don't like to pass or play defence, please do not come.

The level of play I am looking for is good enough for beginners to not feel intimidated and can learn every week while more advance players are willing to share the puck.

***I will politely ask you to leave or not welcome you back if you are too advanced for this level, even if they are friends of yours.***

There are many pickup games out there that are intermediate and advanced so go play there please!

Sign-up Rules:
It is a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis, however....
  • If you sign up for a week and need to cancel, PLEASE DO SO at least 24 hours in advance. If you sign up and cancel last minute more than a few times, we (as in YOU and I) will have to have a talk.

Location: York Canlan Ice Sports (Right beside York U. campus)
989 Murray Ross Parkway,
North York ON
M3J 3M4

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