Bernice's Quest to 15

As the 5th generation of Nissan's Z-car line, the 350Z entered production in 2002 and marked as the 'dream supercar' by Bernice. Eight years later, she's the enthusiastic owner of her first car: 2003 Chrome Silver Nissan 350Z Touring 6MT. But a successor has entered production: the 370Z.

There are two methods for her to obtain said 370Z [or a PPW 350Z (the kinda of car that dreams are made of)]in the future:

The first option (and MUCH much much much much preferred..):
Score 15 goals in 15 consecutive games, and on a day of her choice, she gets to trade the 350Z in and drive a Pearl White 370Z (or PPW 350Z) off the lot.

The alternative:
Stick a 3D Hello Kitty chrome emblem to the trunk of the 350Z for two years..

13 May 2011
Goal Count: 1
Breakaway and bottom corner.

20 May 2011
Goal Count: 2
Really cheesy goal off a goalie turnover.

27 May 2011
Goal Count: 3
Low backhand on blocker side.

03 June 2011
Goal Count: 4
One time from Darwin on the douches99 play!

10 June 2011
Goal Count: 0

17 June 2011
Goal Count: 1
Perfect pass from Kien!

24 June 2011
Goal Count: 0

08 July 2011
Goal Count: 1
I actually scored two. They were pretty ugly.

15 July 2011
Goal Count: 2
Thanks for the screen, Kenny!

10 September 2011

I give up.

.. don't mind the poor fitment..

.. but she's still so pretty..
Bernice's Quest to 15